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Lesson : MyDublinCloud and the File Server


After going through this lesson, staff will be able to:

  1. access their personal folder on the file server (staff)
  2. access shared staff folders on the file server (staff)
  3. access their MyDigitalPortfolio folder on the file server (share)
  4. understand how to connect to the file server from personal devices and from outside the district


Businesses and schools have been using file servers for their employees for years.  The purpose of using an internal file server for employees to maintain a secure storage area for important work-related files.  Saving files to these internal file servers helps the employer ensure vital information is not lost should an employee's computer fail, or in those cases when an employee leaves the district (or business).  When school district employees store files in personal, cloud based services (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote), they are at risk of losing public records, or having confidential information breached by outside sources.  While internal file servers are not immune for failing or hacking, the responsibility is shifted to the employer and not the employee in these cases.  

The file server we use here in Dublin City Schools is a secure environment that can be accessed both within and outside the school network.  It can also be accessed on any internet capable device.  This type of access makes it possible for staff and students to seamlessly use their personal devices to create files for school.


Below are the file server addresses you can use to access files from personal devices any where in the world:

The Staff Server (MyDublinCloud and StaffFiles):

The Share Server (PublicFolders, MyDigitalPortfolio, ClassFiles):


Watch the video below to learn more about the new features of the file server and its potential use.


Visit the tech support wiki to learn more technology in Dublin City Schools.