Lesson : Power of Passwords K-2


1. Students will know to share their password with their teacher and an adult at home.  

2. Student will learn the importance of memorizing their password.

3. Students will learn they can change their passwords.



Forgotten Password




You should share your password with a trusted adult at home because you never know when you may need their help.  Sometimes you know your password but you accidentally typed it wrong. Its nice to know you have a backup helper when your password gives you trouble.  Knowing that your teacher and/or an adult at home care a lot about you and will be an extra sheild at keeping you safe online.  


In a digital world passwords are needed for just about everything.  From logging into your computer, playing online video games or feeding your favorite webkinz pet requires a password.  

Who should you share your passwords with?

Password - Share with Adults and Teachers

  • Whoever takes care of you at home. (parents, grandparents, aunt or uncle)
  • Teachers will have access to ALL their student's school passwords.   


Learning Your Login Information

Your username starts with a two digit number.  Next you will type your last name.  If your lastname has a hyphen, for login only, you will take the hypen out. After that is an underscore.  An underscore can be created by holding the shift button and tapping the line button.  Lastly, you need to type your proper first name.  If your name is Katie you may need to type in Katherine or if your name is Drew you may need to type Andrew.  

For Example: 20smith_katherine 

Your password will also need to be memorized.  To practice this you will need to write your password down on a special place and take it home. 





Password given to a friend


Who should you NOT share your passwords with?       

  • friends at school
  • neighbors
  • someone on your athlectic team or after school club
  • someone you are playing against online


Sometimes friends, brothers and sisters disagree and have fights.  It is not a bad thing to have fights because you learn what the other person likes and doesn't like. Eventually you make up and become friends again.  Since your school work, games and other important information should be kept safe it is important to not share your password with anyone but your teacher and an adult who takes care of you.  You never know what a friend, brother or sister will do when they are mad at you for some reason and they have your password.  



Password used at School


Where do you use your school username and password?  

  • logging into a computer
  • logging into student dashboard webpage
  • accessing the webdav server to get to your files from home or to transfer files from mobile devices to your student server
  • enrolled in any moodle courses
  • class wiki


Passwords are meant for only the person who created the password and an adult to know.  Please don't share your password or try to figure out someone else's password!







Create a poster about keeping passwords private.  This poster could be drawn or created in Keynote, Pages, or Pixie. Post around school.  

Make a video about not sharing your passwords with friends, brothers or sisters. Post videos to the Digital Citizenship wiki.