Lesson : Creating Common Craft Videos


A Common Craft Video is a low-tech video that is best created collaboratively.  It takes careful planning, clear and concise scripting, practice, and teamwork to create a good Common Craft video.  

Common Craft Website
Common Craft Channel on Youtube

Some Examaples:

A Common Craft Video on How to Make a Common Craft Video:


















 Here are some students in the process of making a Common Craft video.  

In this case, the students have taped off a portion of the table to indicate what is going to be included in the frame.  The student doing the filming makes sure that the taped off area is always in the frame.  You could use a large piece of paper not only as a background, but also to define the filming area.  

Notice the roles of the students:

  1. Person holding, in this case, an iPad
  2. Person reading the narration from a script.
  3. Person moving objects IN when he/she hears the "cue."
  4. Person moving object OUT when he/she hears the "cue."


Creating your Common Craft Video
Now it's time for you to give this a try!  Find a few friends (3 or 4 in the group), and follow these steps.

  1. Pick a topic.
  2. Break down the topic into simple parts.
  3. Write your script.  Keep it simple, imformative, and to-the-point.  Consider your audience.
  4. Create simple cut-out characters and props.  Keeping these simple is very important!
  5. Assign jobs:  Filmer, Narrator, Movement Coordinator-in objects, Movement Coordinator-out objects.
  6. Define your filming area...  You can use tape on a table, or you can create a background.
  7. Choreograph all movements with the script.  Coordinate who is moving what and when.  Make notes.
  8. Practice.  Practice.  Practice.
  9. Film!

Once your video is complete, your teacher will help you share it with your class!

Here is an example of a student-created Common Craft video:


This is a Common Craft video created by Mary Lee Hahn's fifth graders at DWES.