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Lesson : Content Libraries on the Dashboard


After going through this lesson, staff will:

  1. better understand blended learning
  2. be able to search for images, files, URLs and lessons in the content libraries
  3. be able to upload images, files and URLs to the content libraries
  4. be able to create a blended lesson in the content library


Blended learning has been a topic for discussion in schools for several years now.  The idea behind blended learning is to give students access to formal lessons outside of school hours and facilities, and in an online environment.  It is different form technology-rich instruction inside classrooms, and it isn't as involved as a complete online course.  Blended is just what it sounds like . . . it is a blend of online instruction and traditional face-to-face instruction.

Blended Learning


While many teachers are ready to create blended lessons and "flip" their classes, others are not.  However, most teachers in Dublin City Schools are ready and willing to use technology in ways to enhance what they are already doing in their classrooms, and to improve student learning.  Most of our teachers creating digital learning objects on a daily basis and using them with their students in creative ways.  One thing that we are missing in the district is an easy way to share these digital learning objects with other teachers.  The Staff Dashboard now has a feature called "Content Libraries."  This area of the dashboard will allow all staff members in the district to upload images, files, URLs, and videos (i.e., DLOs), and create blended lessons using these resources.


This video will give you a brief overview of the Content Libraries.


After watching the video above, find some of your colleagues and discuss ways you might use the content libraries to enhance what you're already doing in your classrooms.  Then, try to upload some of your own DLOs to the Content Libraries and/or create a blended lesson.


Visit the tech support wiki to learn more about using technology in the district.