Lesson : Adaptations


Students will explore several different plant and animal adaptations that exist in nature.  By the end of the lesson, students will be able to recognize characteristics (called adaptations) that benefit the organism's ability to survive and/or reproduce so that the species will remain in existance.


Can you spot the animals in these pictures?  

Camoflague is a very effective adaptation.

Adaptations Powerpoint (the powerpoint will go to your Downloads folder and can be opened from there)

At the end of the powerpoint, there is some introductory information about adaptations.  Please record the answers to these questions that will come from this section of the file:

1. Define adaptation.

2. Identify and provide examples of the two categories of adaptations.


Adaptations Reading Assignment

Big Idea:  The goal of every organism is to survive long enough to reproduce.  If it is successful in doing both, it will help to assure the continuation of its species.

As you read the PDF (click on the link above), please write down the answers to the following questions:

3. Describe different kinds of adaptations.

4. Determine the two reasons why adaptations benefit a species. 

5. Explain the importance of variation among a population or group of organisms.

6. Identify the consequence of a species not being able to adapt.

7. Describe sexual selection.



Adaptations Examples

You will be watching some video clips to observe some innovative adaptations that organisms have to help it survive and/or reproduce in their environment.  As you watch, please record information onto a chart; you can print this PDF, this WORD DOCUMENT which will be best to type in your answers if you prefer that method, or you can create it on your blank sheet of paper in order to address two questions about each example:  

(A) Describe the adaptation this organism has.

(B) Explain how this adaptation is beneficial to  the individual's ability to survive and/or reproduce in its environment.

Capuchin Video Clip

Dolphin Video Clip

Venus Fly Trap Video Clip

Praying Mantis Video Clip

Toxic Newt Video Clip

Peacock Video Clip

Cheetah Video Clip

Human (scent) Video Clip

Masters of Disguise (not on the chart, but some cool adaptations in here)